What is FSC?


FSC® is an acronymn for Forest Stewardship Council ®. This organization sets and maintains the FSC standards, but is not actually a certifying body. In Beatty Printing's case we are FSC® certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

An FSC® Printer

Per their website:


The FSC® does not issue certificates itself. The certification process is carried out by independent organizations called certification bodies. Before being able to certify according to FSC standards, certification bodies have to gain FSC accreditation. To do this, certifiers have to comply with an extensive set of rules.

FSC is the only global forest management certification system with an integrated accreditation program that systematically controls its certification bodies.



What does FSC represent?


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests. FSC uses a 'chain of custody' program to ensure that all FSC certified vendors" as they are not partners with the FSC, but certified to their standards.


You can find out more infromation about FSC here.


What does FSC represent for Beatty Printing?


As an FSC-certified vendor, Beatty Printing is annually audited for proper implementation of the FSC standards. We are required to seek FSC-approval for every job utilizing the FSC trademark. We are able to add the FSC trademark to all jobs that require the use of FSC-approved products. In addition, we are able to demonstrate our commitment to sound, responsible and reasonable environmental stewardship.


What does FSC represent for our clients?


As a client, you are able to produce work with knowingly-sound environmental practice. More and more people recognize the importance of environmental stewardship. More and more also recognize the branding of organizations whose mission it is to standardize environmentally-sound procedures. We are able to assist you in the use and implementation of FSC-certified products and the placement of approved FSC branding on your print products.


As always, if you have any questions regarding FSC or require assistance in accurate implementation of this standard, please contact us!